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“Our goal is to make life easier for internationals, such as students, expats, diplomats etc., looking for rentals in Aarhus and rest of Denmark”
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Registered Real Estate Agent
I am a housing agent, focusing on internationals/expats who need assistance in the Copenhagen rental market. I am independent from all administrators and landlords, which means that I have access to all potential housing options on the market, and 100% objectivity with regards to which housing options to choose.
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Relocation agent
Melanie Haynes has relocated three times and has a wealth of knowledge to share about how to have a positive experience. Through her consultancy, Dejlige Days Welcome, she helps expats to find their feet in Copenhagen via various services including personal consultations and detailed personal written local guides.
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Alison O’Keeffe

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Lars Steen Pedersen

Housing Agent


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