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Who is behind Aarhus Housing

My name is Jesper Svennum. I am your housing agent in Aarhus Housing, which in 2017 was established as the Jutland office of Copenhagen Housing.

I have worked as a journalist for many years. I have moved around within Aarhus too many times since 1987 and I know how difficult it is to find – not just a place that suits you, but a place at all.

Aarhus expands heavily these years, but at the same time it is getting increasingly popular to move to this ”smallest big city of the world” or ”city of smiles”. So it is still very tough to find a flat or house around here.

It will be our honor to help you find the flat or house in Aarhus area suits you – and your purse. And we can help you to find out which living area will suit you (and your family) best.

In Aarhus Housing we dearly hope that you will get the feeling of being taken by the hand by us. And that you get the feeling of being treated with both empathy and kindness.

Welcome to Aarhus and welcome to Aarhus Housing.


Copenhagen Housing


Charlotte Dalgaard Larsen


Lars Steen Pedersen- housing agent Zeland

Alison O’Keeffe – administration

Melanie Haynes – relocation agent





We support children without homes or families: