Our Mission

  • Our central goal is a simple one: we aim to help as many international clients as possible navigate the notoriously challenging rental market in Aarhus and Copenhagen. We always provide a personalised, tailor-made service to our clients, no matter which end of the budget spectrum they fall on. The most important thing to us is providing a valuable service to our clients, therefore feedback is always welcome as we continually try to improve our service.
  • Our business operates on the premise of good relationships with landlords, but we remain 100% independent in order to have access to all potential housing options and to maintain complete objectivity.
  • We aim to serve as many clients as possible, from those looking for budget rooms and shared accommodation to those with strict criteria and more financial scope. The variety of services and prices reflects our desire to help as many clients as possible with their housing needs. If you have a specific set of requirements do not hesitate to contact us at info@aarhushousing.dk to discuss your specific situation. At Aarhus Housing we do not want any disappointed clients so we value open and honest communication!
  • Furthermore, beyond just wanting to find housing for as many internationals as possible, we also want to do our best to help expats settle into Aarhus. That is why, in collaboration with Melanie Haynes from Dejlige Days Welcome, we organise networking events in order to help you connect with other internationals in a friendly environment.