Shared Accomodation Service

If you are looking to share an apartment with a number of friends, or whether you are looking for a room for yourself, Aarhus Housing’s Shared Accommodation Service may be able to help.

Due to our contact with many landlords and agencies within the Aarhus rental market, we often get direct offers of suitable accommodation for sharing. By registering to our Shared Accommodation Service you will be the first to hear about any offers we receive. As we are reliant on offers from our contacts, we cannot guarantee that we will find something for your specific needs. Therefore, the more flexible you are, the more likely you will be to find something.

Registering to the service costs 200 DKK. Only one registration per apartment is required for groups looking to find an apartment together. An allocation fee of 2.000 DKK is applicable for all successfully found rooms. In the case of a group looking for an apartment together, each room incurs a 2.000 DKK allocation fee up to a maximum of 4.500 DKK. When an individual is looking for a room within a shared apartment the allocation fee is always 2.000 DKK.

Accommodation is allocated on a First Come First Served basis regardless of when your details were entered into the system.

To register your interest send an email to and be sure to include: which areas of the city you are looking to live in, what your budget is, how big you would like your accommodation to be and whether you would like something furnished or unfurnished.


Terms and Conditions:


You must inform us if you have successfully found accommodation via an alternate channel and therefore are willing to have your details removed from our system.

We cannot guarantee that we will successfully find you a room or apartment (but we do guarantee to do our best!)

The registration fee is non-refundable.

The service is always First Come First Served.

See our terms and conditions for the full guidelines of working with Copenhagen Housing.

A fee example: Three friends register to the service, looking for an apartment. They pay 1 x 200 DKK to be registered. Aarhus Housing successfully finds a suitable three room apartment. Each room incurs a fee of 2.000 DKK, but as 3 x 2.000 DKK exceeds the 4.500 DKK maximum, the total charge for the group is 4.500 DKK.